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Maximize the Moment is about maximizing what is inside you and expounding on all the moments everyday in your life! The core foundational principal for MTM arose with the principal of minimizing self to maximize Christ. This was a springboard to the current over arching MTM goal of enriching the lives of those around the world by delivering enduring motivational principals and concepts. We hope to inspire, motivate, educate, and enhance your life on a daily basis through our speech, outreach, and programs. The only thing that we want from our worldwide audience is progressive excellence and inherent capability to blossom into success. Be your BEST and be blessed and we hope to see on another Maximize the Moment! 

  •  MISSION By maximizing every moment in God we plan on empowering and evolving people around the world through God, community, academics, fitness, and other means of connection. 

  • VISION Change the world through Jesus, who Motivates, Inspires, and empowers this ministry in His name. 


GRIND Institute

Grind Institute is a pillar within Maximize The Moment dedicated to the furthering of all academics, education, and professional development. Grind Institute encourages educational progression of all ages to push for the individual betterment, self-discipline, knowledge expansion, and healthier living. Grind Institute doesn’t seek just students but life learners that are seeking to enhance their daily lives. Join Grind Institute today for life enriching education and opportunities.   



MTM’s Missions is the national and international educational, ministry, and developmental program. Missions partners and provides reach out to those in need physically, mentally, and spiritually around the globe. Missions purpose is to spread the love of Christ to the entire world through various programs, incentives, and the provision of resources. MTM Missions hopes to empower and inspire communities to build and restore from within. Start a mission today in your community, your city, and your country. 


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Coming Events


Maximize the Moment by rocking the latest MTM Gear! Maximize your lifestyle, fitness, and moments with these dynamic styles. 

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Coming Events

Coming Events


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